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Five Factors in Choosing Maritime Transportation Insurance in International Logistics Transportation

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Five Factors in Choosing Maritime Transportation Insurance in International Logistics Transportation

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Trade enterprises in the shipment of freight insurance, always want to find a balance between insurance coverage and insurance premiums. To do this, we must first assess the risks faced by screening out which risk is most likely to occur, combined with different insurance premium rates to be weighed.


Of course, more insurance will be a lot of sense of security, but the insurance costs will certainly have to increase. PICC Property Insurance Company cargo insurance experts said that when exporters insured, usually to the following factors into account:

1. Kinds, nature and characteristics of the goods;

2. Packing of goods;

3. The transport of goods (including modes of transport, means of transport, transport routes);

4. Losses occurring in the port and in the loading and unloading process;

5. The political situation at the destination, such as during the 1998 NATO air strikes against Yugoslavia and the 1999 coup d'état in Pakistan, exporters would not have been alarmed about the security of the goods if war risks had been covered.

When to use all risks? For the most comprehensive financial information (banking, insurance, securities, foreign exchange, rural credit cooperatives, city commercial banks, foreign banks) and the most valuable financial resources, please visit China's financial resources

"All risks" is one of the most commonly used types of insurance. Buyers open letters of credit are also required to insure the exporter of all risks. It is most convenient to cover all risks because it covers the FPA, WPA and 11 general additional risks, and the policyholder does not have to worry about what additional risk is selected. However, often the most convenient services need to pay the most. Mr. Guo Yuqiang is a salesman of Shenzhen People's Insurance Company, and has been engaged in cargo transportation insurance business for 6 years. He said that the insurance rate, the WPA rate is equivalent to about all the risks of 1/2, Ping An Insurance is equivalent to about one-third of all risks.

Some goods insured all risks as the main risk may not be enough, need to insure special additional risk.

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