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Market Situation and Developing Trend of Exhibition Logistics

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Market Situation and Developing Trend of Exhibition Logistics

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Convention and Exhibition industry is a new type of economic formation after the tertiary industry has matured. China's accession to the WTO, the field of service trade opening up faster, foreign capital, management, technology and personnel will be more into the exhibition industry, the opening of professional exhibition companies, or investment in the construction of modern exhibition venues and exhibition facilities for China's exhibition industry Off to create a very favorable conditions. China's exhibition industry after 10 years of rapid development, and gradually matured, and the initial formation of China's exhibition industry specialization, market-oriented, standardized, information technology, international pattern.

Since this century, the exhibition industry in China's rapid development momentum, an annual growth rate of 20%. At present, China's total exhibition area of 2.6 million square meters, more than Germany (2.4 million square meters), second only to the United States (6.15 million square meters), ranking second in the world. China has 46 kinds of exhibitions to join the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI). According to incomplete statistics, China's existing main exhibition more than 3,500 companies, nearly 4,000 exhibitions held annually, accounting for about 10% of the total global exhibition. With the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing, 2010 World Expo held in Shanghai, China's international exhibition industry in the status will be greatly improved. It can be said that China has become an important exhibition in Asia and the world power.


As a result of the exhibition show commodity, trade and economic and technological cooperation and other functions as a whole, and have information consulting, investment financing and business services and other supporting functions, in trade, technology exchange, information communication, economic cooperation plays an increasingly important role . According to expert estimates, the exhibition industry's own profit margin of about 20% to 50%. The international exhibition industry drive coefficient is about 1: 9, that is, if the income of exhibition and exhibition venues is 1, the related social income is 9, which can drive the development of related industries such as service, logistics, tourism and catering. As the multiplier effect of the exhibition industry on the tertiary industry a huge lead to the improvement of city visibility, the promotion of investment has a great role, making many countries, government and civil society to join the ranks of the exhibition market competition, and actively develop their own Of the exhibition industry. More and more cities in China put forward the convention and exhibition industry as the strategic target of urban development, the "booster" and the pillar industry of the regional economic growth. At present, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have become the three major exhibition center cities in China. Shenzhen, Dalian, Changchun, Qingdao, Nanjing and Suzhou have become regional exhibition centers, and Ningbo, Dongguan and Yiwu have distinctive local exhibition cities. With the formation of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as the center, the formation of the Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta southeast coastal exhibition industry belt, Chengdu, Kunming, Nanning to support the formation of the Southwest exhibition industry belt, the Northeast Exhibition Economic Zone and the Central Conference and Exhibition City Economic zone with the formation of the five major exhibitions economic and industrial framework, indicating that the Chinese exhibition industry chain has been formed.

The exhibition not only connected with the production and circulation, but also promote the transportation, transportation, telecommunications, banking, advertising, catering, accommodation, shopping, tourism and other industries rapid development. Both the basic characteristics of urban agglomeration effect of the exhibition industry, is a typical high-profit profitable industry. At present, China's exhibition industry's total revenue accounts for about 0.05% of GDP, while the exhibition industry in Germany, the United States, Singapore and other developed countries this ratio was 0.2%, so the exhibition industry in China's huge room for growth. The development of convention and exhibition industry has raised new demands for exhibition logistics, and stimulated the rise and development of exhibition logistics. Exhibition logistics profitability is far greater than the general logistics industry about 10% of the profit space, have good prospects for development.

Exhibition with a specific exhibition time, many exhibitors, exhibition locations scattered, exhibits a small amount of features. Especially in the exhibition held abroad, because of the export declaration, international transport, international insurance, re-treatment of exhibits and other sectors, the exhibition logistics service providers need for the exhibitors to design scientific and reasonable implementation plan to complete the timely scheduling of exhibits, Transportation, warehousing, packaging, customs clearance, exhibition site operation, exhibition, transportation, insurance and other aspects of services and timely monitoring and other tasks in order to reach the minimum cost in a specified time the exhibits safe arrival of exhibition purposes . This requires the strength of the professional logistics companies continue to use advanced technology and management methods to improve the level of logistics services, logistics services to undertake the important task of exhibition.

China's exhibition logistics development from the status quo, compared with the same industry abroad there is still a big gap. In China, various types of exhibitions used in the logistics operation is still using the traditional exhibits logistics model. The traditional mode of operation of the exhibits more obvious drawbacks of logistics, one is the high cost, low level of service. As the organizers did not specify the logistics service providers, the exhibitors to find their own logistics providers to complete the exhibits from the exhibitors to the exhibition venues in the transport, storage, storage, loading and unloading operations, and the exhibition after the return of such work . Because a single exhibitor exhibits less logistics, it is difficult to obtain a better price, higher unit logistics costs, exhibitors are difficult to obtain a comprehensive and effective services. The second is the lack of information, reaction lag. In the absence of an effective information management system for exhibitors, exhibitors, exhibitors, and logistics service providers, the logistics company must communicate with the organizer in advance to inform the exhibitors of the exhibits and the exhibition organizers. And then negotiate with the venue to determine the exhibits into the museum time; into the museum, the exhibitors can start the booth structures, layout, decoration and so on. Because the exhibitors have their own logistics providers, the flow of information occurs in many logistics providers, exhibition organizers, venues between the parties, the line is complex, the process of communication often appear blocked the flow of information, coordination difficulties, resulting in exhibits Stays outside the stadium or leave exhibitors to arrange the booth time is too short and so on, so that the process of the exhibition due to ineffective information, lags behind the impact of the work efficiency of the situation has occurred.

The traditional exhibition logistics mode of operation is still widely used, highlighting the shortcomings of China's modern logistics industry, a constraint to further development of the exhibition industry, "bottleneck." This shows that China's exhibition organizer management level is low, or limited by the exhibition logistics business scale and market share; the other hand shows that China's many logistics providers to provide exhibition logistics services can only reach the Convention and Exhibition operators ETS, EXHIBITION TRANSPOTATION SERVER) level, without the exhibition logistics service providers (ELS, EXHIBITION LOGISTICS SERVER) function. Currently engaged in exhibition logistics enterprises in China are mainly UPS, DHL and other foreign companies and COSCO, in the exhibition and other domestic strong logistics company. Domestic logistics companies generally only provide subcontracting services for these enterprises. Thus, the current status of China's exhibition logistics and market demand there is still some distance.



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