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What is international logistics and transport

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What is international logistics and transport

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International transport of goods that international transport of goods, is in the country and countries, countries and regions between the transport of goods. Divided into trade and non-trade (refers to exhibits, foreign aid personal baggage, office supplies, etc.). Transport of non-trade goods is only incidental business, so the international logistics and transport is sometimes referred to as international trade and transport.

The Basic Function of International Logistics Transportation

In this operation, the main task is to move the goods from the supply to the demand. Transportation activities to shorten the distance on the space, the difference in time to reduce, thus creating a flow of goods.

And this flow is achieved through transport. Storage of goods invisible among the international transport has become another basic function of the.

Characteristics of International Logistics Transportation

1, the international transport of goods is a lot of intermediate links long-distance transport

International transport of goods between countries and countries, countries and regions between the transport, generally a longer distance. In the transport process, often need to use a variety of means of transport, through a number of handling handling, the exchange of different modes of transport, through different countries and regions, a lot of intermediate links.

2, the international transport of goods involved in a wide range of complex and changeable

Goods in the international transport process, the need with different countries and regions of the owner, the transport sector, commodity inspection authorities, insurance companies, banks, customs and various intermediate agents deal. At the same time, due to different countries and regions, different policies and laws, different financial and monetary systems, trade and transportation practices and business practices are also different, plus a variety of political and economic situation and natural conditions change, will have more international transport of goods Big impact.

3, the international transport of goods is particularly strong time

The international market is very competitive, commodity prices are changing rapidly, import and export goods, such as can not be transported to the destination in time, is likely to cause significant economic losses; some fresh perishable goods and seasonal goods such as can not be sent to destination for sale on time , Resulting in economic losses may be more serious. To this end, the shipment of goods, delivery time is classified as the terms of the terms of trade contracts, the timely shipment is directly related to the contract, keeping promises, trade, transport development will have a huge impact.

4, the risk of international transport of goods larger

International transport of goods because of long distance, intermediate links, involving a wide range of complex and volatile, coupled with the very strong time, and thus the risk is relatively large, in order to pass the risk of loss during transport, a variety of import and export goods and transport Tools, need to apply for transport insurance.

5, international transport of goods involved in international relations

In the process of organizing the international carriage of goods, it is often necessary to have extensive contacts with foreign countries, which are not only economic but also involve international political issues. For a variety of transport problems, often dealing with international relations, is a policy of strong work. Therefore, people engaged in international transport of goods not only economic concept, but also the concept of national policy.

International logistics and transportation

1, the international maritime cargo transport

International maritime transport of goods is the use of natural channels for international logistics and transport, referred to as marine transport. It is the most widely used transport mode in international logistics.

Maritime transport operations are liner shipping and charter transport two.

2, international rail transport of goods

China's foreign trade goods rail transport, including international railway transport, rail transport to Hong Kong and the domestic railway transport three components.

3, international road transport of goods

International road transport of goods refers to the international goods with a certain means of delivery, along the road for cross-and two or more countries or regions of the mobile process.

4, the international air cargo transport

International air cargo transport is the transnational air carrier for air transport between the two countries throughout the transport, and bear the responsibility of transport a modern mode of transport.

There are two modes of operation: air transportation and charter transportation.

5, international multimodal transport

International multimodal transport is the mode of transport of goods by multimodal transport operators from a place of takeover in one State to a designated place of delivery in another country, in accordance with a contract of carriage, in at least two different modes of transport.

International multimodal transport, also known as the international joint coherent system of transport, is a container transport based on the development and development of a new mode of transport, land and air transport, land and sea transport, sea and air transport and so on.

6, container transport

Container transportation is a kind of modern mode of transportation for container transport. It is suitable for ocean transportation, railway transportation and international multimodal transport.

The Status and Function of International Cargo Transportation in International Logistics

International transport of goods is the core of the international logistics system, plays an important role.

1, the international transport of goods is an indispensable part of international logistics

In international trade, the scope of import and export commodities in space is extremely broad, there is no transport, to the international exchange of commodities is impossible. After the transaction of goods, only through transport, in accordance with the agreed time, place and conditions to the goods to each other, the whole process of trade be considered final. International transport of goods is an indispensable part of international trade and international logistics.

International logistics is the "physical" international physical movement, this movement will not only change the temporal state of things, but also change the spatial state of things. International transport is the main task of changing the state of space. International transportation is the main means to change the state of space, and it can accomplish all the tasks of changing the state of space satisfactorily. In international logistics, international transport can provide two functions: the international transfer of goods and storage.

First, the international transfer of goods.

The primary function of transportation is the movement of products back and forth in the value chain. International transport of goods is through the means of transport of goods in the international logistics flow between nodes, therefore, the international transfer of goods is the international transport of goods provided by the main function.

Second, the items stored.

Temporary storage of items is a special transport function, this feature has not been in the past attention. International transport of goods generally experience a long time, the road is far, a variety of means of transport such as trains, aircraft, ships, containers, etc. are responsible for the international cargo storage function. In particular, the cost of unloading and reloading the goods from the warehouse may be higher than the cost of storage in transit, since some of the international goods need to be stored for transfer but transferred in a short period of time (1-3 days) . When storage is limited, it may be a more viable option to use transport. In essence, international transport is used as a temporary storage facility, which is mobile rather than idle.

2, the international transport of goods to promote the development of international logistics

On the one hand, it is possible to open up more and more international markets. On the other hand, due to the rapid delivery, punctual delivery and timely delivery of goods, the international transport of goods has been improved continuously, and the transportation system structure and operation management have been gradually perfected and modernized. Higher quality, more transport costs savings, can greatly enhance the economic efficiency of foreign trade and thus make the international economic ties are increasingly strengthened, the international division of labor has become increasingly deepening, the international trade more development. Therefore, the international transport of goods to promote the development of international trade, and then promote the development of international logistics.

3, international transport is the international logistics "third profit" the main source

(1) international transport is the movement of activities, it and the rest of the custody of different, rely on a lot of power consumption to achieve this activity, and international transport and undertake the task of large-span space transfer, so the activities of a long time, distance Long, consumption is also large. Consumption of the absolute number of large, the potential for saving it.

(2) From the freight point of view, freight in all international logistics costs accounted for the highest proportion of the general comprehensive analysis of the calculation of social logistics costs, transport costs account for nearly 50% of the proportion of some goods even higher than the cost of goods production costs , So the potential for saving is great.

(3) As the total length of international transport, large transport volume, through the rationalization of institutional reform and transport can significantly reduce the tonnage of transport, resulting in greater savings.

Elements of International Freight Transport

In general, an activity is always composed of people and tools, transportation activities are no exception. In the international transport activities are mainly international transport parties, that is, the transport of international logistics participants and transport service providers.

A tool is a means of achieving international transport of goods. In addition, the international transport of goods through a number of specific modes of transport or a combination of modes of transport to achieve. Therefore, simply put, the international transport of goods mainly by the three aspects: the international transport of the parties, international transport and international transport. Large areas, not only involves a wide range of clutter, and the situation is complex, a transport carrier or owner can not personally Caspian Sea a specific transport business, a lot of work need to entrust the agent to handle. In order to meet this need, in the field of foreign goods transport, as in the field of trade, there have been a lot of agency business agent or agent. They accept the commission of the principal, the charge d'affaires of various transport services and services provided by the payment of a certain reward, that is, agents, commissions or freight. With the development of international trade and transport, this transport agent industry is also rapid and extensive development Lai. At present, the agent industry has penetrated into the transport sector in every corner of the international transport of goods an indispensable part of the cause.

The current international transport of goods agents are: chartering agents, also known as charter broker (ShippingBroker); agents Acting (ShippingAgent); Freight Forwarders (FreightForwarder); Advisory generation (ConsultativeAgent), and so on. Various types of agents are often intertwined between the business, such as many shipping agents also Run concurrently freight forwarders, and some shipping agents on behalf of the relaxation Run concurrently shipping.



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